10 Best Couples Therapy Hacks and Tricks

Falling in love is easy compared to staying in one. You might wonder, why? Well, it takes mere seconds for a human to realize he or she is in love, while staying in love or in a relationship requires more effort. We can all attest that being in love is one of the most beautiful phenomena ever, especially in its early stages. However, after its early stages, maintaining love or a relationship could be quite challenging.

Fortunately, there are professionals like therapists or marriage counselors who give marriage therapy or couples therapy that help in weathering this storm. However, the assistance doesn’t always come cheap and requires limited resources like time or money.

Nonetheless, you can have some free life-changing therapy hacks to save and maintain your relationship with just a few minutes of your time. Yes, the solution could be as simple as just reading this article.

1. Remember what you did when you first met

We often forget the things that brought us together in the first place and outgrow them. Hence, therapists always suggest going down memory lane to when you first met and participate again in those activities you always loved. What made you laugh when you first met him? What gave you butterflies in your belly then? Engaging in these activities will bring back the missing spark.

2. Give compliments

A simple compliment like, “You look beautiful baby,” or a sticky note with sweet words added to your partner’s lunch box, can leave a smile on their face throughout the day. Learn to give compliments; it doesn’t matter how small they are. It makes your partner feel loved.

3. Effective Communication

Effective communication includes good talking and listening skills. You should be able to openly communicate your feelings, fears, and dislikes. In addition, learn to be an attentive listener and avoid making assumptions. You should take turns speaking and be attentive listeners. This is a therapy hack to improve your relationship.

4. Have regular physical intimacy

Everything always feels better after having sexual activity with your partner. Moods and emotions improve. There is no one who ever feels worse after having physical intimacy with their other half. So, learn to have sex regularly and have both partners initiate it. This is a therapy hack which also comes with some pleasure.

5. Have healthy disagreements

Ups and downs are inevitable in relationships, but handling them in a mature and loving way is important in maintaining your relationship. One way to go about this is by taking deep breaths before speaking when upset. In addition, voice your disagreement by using “I” statements instead of “You”. Express why you are upset from your own perspective.

6. Remember that you are both flawed

Once you understand that you and your partner aren’t perfect, then it is easier to understand your fallibility, or ability to be wrong. Apologize sincerely when you are wrong and also forgive when you are wronged.

7. Spend quality time in each other’s company

Quality time can be dates, romantic walks, game nights, cuddles, cooking together, or whatever you guys enjoy. However, your schedule might be too busy for some romantic getaways, but a quick kiss on the cheek can make your partner feel seen, which reassures them. This builds a healthy relationship.

8. Carry your partner along in decision makings

You need to understand that being in a relationship makes you equal partners. Hence, discussing and making plans together is important to the growth of the relationship. It doesn’t have to be only important decisions that will affect both your lives, but also those that affect only you. Transparency is important.

9. Be supportive

It is important to note that being in a relationship doesn’t mean your dreams and life’s ambitions will always be the same. In addition, there are also moments when your partner goes through tough challenges. It is up to you to be there physically and emotionally to support or cheer them on.

10. Always assume the best

Trust in a relationship is important. Do not assume anything, and when you do, imagine positive thoughts before confronting your partner. Assuming the best of your partner is a great approach when confronting them, and it helps you communicate effectively and have healthy disagreements.

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