10 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

Numerous foods are promoted and categorized as healthy, although they’re not. When you walk into a grocery store, you’ll notice that many shelves are full of products labeled as organic, natural, low fat, and chemical-free. Most of these foods don’t have health benefits to the body. They are sold just like other foods because they exist. Below are 10 foods that aren’t as healthy as you think:

Flavored instant oatmeal

This is a popular breakfast choice for many people which is usually topped with other foods such as nuts, berries, and flax. The worst part about flavored instant oatmeal is that it contains a lot of sugar and sodium. The excess sugar causes increased blood glucose and thus raising the risk of developing diabetes. If you can’t take anything else for breakfast, you should consider getting plain instant oatmeal and add vanilla extract or cinnamon to get the desired flavor.


healthy foods, Granola

For people who like taking granola for breakfast, it’s essential to know that they’re increasing the number of carbohydrates, sugar, and calories in their bodies. When you visit a local supermarket or store, you’re likely to ignore checking out the labels of granola to see the kind of ingredients used. Most granola types have high levels of hydrogenated oils and fructose corn syrup. These contribute to increased weight and increases the risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Whole wheat bread

healthy foods, Whole wheat bread

The major cause of diabetes is excess blood sugar. Regularly eating whole wheat bread raises blood sugar levels in the body. Whole wheat bread also contains high gluten levels. All these lead to sensitivities and allergies that further result in diabetes, joint pain, and heart disease.

Dried fruits

healthy foods, Dried fruits

Dried fruits might not seem to have any negative effects on the body. However, the truth is that they contain a lot of sugar and other unnecessary preservatives for increasing their shelf life. Regular intake of dried fruits results in a spike in blood glucose levels. This further increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Nut and soy milk

Nut and soy milk

Although some people enjoy living a dairy-free lifestyle, others can’t afford to miss consuming different dairy foods. Most nut and soy milk have high sugar content and a certain food additive called carrageenan. Studies show that this food additive increases glucose intolerance and the risk of developing stomach ulcers.

Flavored yogurt

flavored yogurt

Yogurt is promoted as healthy food due to the presence of probiotics that are essential for protecting the gut. However, you should understand that not all yogurt types are good for your body. Most yogurt types have a high sugar content that’s not good for blood glucose. Consuming yogurt a lot can result in increased blood sugar and thus making one feel a little energetic. If you’re a regular consumer of yogurt, always consider unsweetened yogurt types such as almond, coconut, and organic dairy yogurts.

Vegetable and fruit juice

fruit juice

Studies show that most vegetable and fruit juices are very healthy for the body. However, other studies have shown that vegetable and fruit juices increase the blood sugar content. This can lead to the development of diabetes especially if the consumption is much more regular. If you can’t stay without taking veggie and fruit juices, you can take a stripped green smoothie.



Most store-made smoothies don’t contain real fruits. There are also higher chances that these smoothies contain high levels of calories and sugars. If you can’t live without taking a smoothie, consider homemade smoothies since you’ll be able to regulate the ingredients used.

Canned soup

Canned soup

When you walk into a supermarket or local store, you’re likely to come across different types of canned soups that seem to be too healthy to consume. However, the sad thing is that these canned soups have high levels of unhealthy sodium. They can also make you feel lethargic and bloated. For soup lovers, consider homemade soup only.

Reduced-fat Peanut butter

Peanut butter

The fat contained in most nuts is healthy. Studies show that including nuts in your diet reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. peanut butter with reduced fat has a lot of added sugar which makes it unhealthy. It’s, therefore, to always choose regular peanut butter.

In conclusion, these are top foods that aren’t healthy as you think. Others include veggie chips, bottled tea, trail mix, and banana chips.

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