9 Subtle Signs You Might Be Secretly Having Diabetes

Slow Healing of Wounds and Cuts

High blood sugar level impacts the functioning ability of your immune system. Slow-healing wounds and cuts can signify the onset of diabetes. There are several components of the immune system. These components won’t work effectively in a hyperglycemia setting. Diabetes is also characterized by nerve damage, abrupt changes in blood acidity that impacts healthy immune cells, and reduced flow of blood.

Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision, diabetes treatment

The onset of diabetes can be characterized by blurry vision. The main reason behind this is because of the accumulation of glucose in the eye. This reduces your eye lens focusing ability. This is a temporary sign both in the short term and long term. If you seek medical attention early, your blood sugar level will stabilize, thus eliminating the blurry vision problem.

Feet Tingling and Numbness

Feet Tingling and Numbness

A spike in blood sugar levels can lead to various complications. Mostly, you won’t realize you’re developing diabetes. Diabetes can cause feet tingling and numbness as a result of mild nerve damage. There are several ways you can reduce foot tingling and numbness, such as a massage and foot workout.

Being More Prone to Yeast Infections

Being More Prone to Yeast Infections

Based on scientific research, high blood sugar levels in the vagina and urine acts as a yeast and bacteria breeding ground. This is the main reason why you’ll be vulnerable to yeast and urinary tract infections. Most medical practitioners will examine a yeast infection to ascertain the presence of diabetes.

Abrupt Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss might signify the presence of several reasons, such as working out, cancer, or diabetes. If you’re diabetic, you’ll lose weight due to frequent urination and the loss of unutilized calories. If you notice you’re developing diabetes and control your sugar intake, you’ll gain considerable pounds of weight. Controlling your sugar intake will maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Being Thirstier

Being Thirstier

Most diabetic patients will experience frequent urination. The most abundant element of urine is water. Therefore, frequent urination will cause more dehydration, thus increasing your urge to drink water.


Diabetes can cause several and chronic health issues, such as kidney damage, heart disease, stroke, and nerve damage. Therefore, it’s a great idea to seek medical attention if you notice the above-listed subtle signs of diabetes.

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