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Cancer, in general, is one of the known diseases that often leads its host to death, there can be exceptions between people that were able to defeat it via early diagnosis, diets, and painful chemical treatments that sometimes lead the patient to lose hair unfortunately and the tremendous pain that follows a chemical treatment. It’s the most threatening disease known to mankind.
Today’s talk is about one of the known cancer types which are pancreatic cancer, which too can leave you with a small chance of surviving (less than 10%) because the other 90% that have been diagnosed during 5 years have unfortunately deceased. It’s considered the third most dangerous cancer type.
Although early diagnosis can be extremely helpful the true menace of this pancreatic cancer is that although the person is infected by it the body won’t show any reaction until it makes the person feel ill and start to get the idea of sickness.
We have managed to collect all 11 symptoms of this illness if you feel yourself or noticed it on your body, Prevention is better than cure!

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1.Yellowing of the skin

Following the research’s results, it appeared that the first and the most famous symptom that appears is the changing of color of the skin to yellow, following the yellow noticeable shade in the eyes.

The thing that leads to this symptom in the body is that it prevents the bile duct from flowing through the body’s system, which builds up in the system because the bile does not reach the intestine. It will become very noticeable on a person, in addition to the color changing, the person’s body might or will be itchy most of the time, therefore its very essential to keep self-control and not scratch because it will not end by just scratching it, and you will hurt your skin from scratching that much.

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2.Lower back pain

Back pain is the most relatable thing in the world to encounter as a human, it’s either the hard work or lifting that heavy object you should not lift alone or sitting at your desk the whole day. But, doing nothing and experiencing back pain is a bit suspicious don’t you think? That might be the second pancreatic cancer symptom.

We have an additional thing to mention! : women’s health has shown that a pancreatic tumor can make the person feel pain because it presses both the back muscles and the lower spine. It may be mild pain, but menstrual cramps may still occur. If the situation is getting serious, you definitely need to be examined by a doctor and there is no reason to delay it.

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3.Color changes in both the feces and/or urine :

It may sound weird to check what you left in the bathroom, but it’s very cautious to do so, the urine’s coloring can indicate an illness or healthiness, in this case, pancreatic cancer can lead the urine to take a rusty red color that starts to look noticeable when the bilirubin material starts showing up in the patient’s blood.

It’s also advised to look for colored or greasy feces alongside the urine, it’s because of the bile blockage that does so many things to the body including breaking the fats, therefore, changing the person’s feces color.
Most medical studies and research done are openly declaring that pancreatic cancer is threatening America on a huge scale in the year 2030, keeping in mind that it’s the second most dangerous cancer nowadays.

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4. Oral Health Issues

Most diseases often show symptoms in the body’s organs, in the pancreatic cancer case, the mouth can do. A person might experience really bad breath, mouth’s gums inflammations, and teeth inflammation.

To sum up things, the medical reports showed that pancreatic cancer is related to many illnesses that catch the mouth such as dental diseases. But it’s very recommended to treat them as soon as possible because of the danger of catching the signs of bacteria.

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5 . There is no apettite for food

One of the most negative symptoms for the pancreatic cancer patient is loss of appetite in most of the cases that have been studied. and it definitely affects the person psychologically also besides the physical harm of not eating enough food to sustain the energy needed for the body and therefore increasing cancer’s harm.

The loss of appetite is a result of pancreatic cancer is a reluctance to eat your favorite food for a simple example, because your stomach is feeling quite heavy and you feel the urge to throw up. The result is that it constantly keeps pressing the nearby organs, especially the stomach. And because the stomach is being pressed It’s deceiving it of being full and causes pain every time you try to eat. So you better eat because it’s just fooling the nervous system.
Natural recommended remedies such as green tea helps the body in its battle with this illness.

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6 .Weight reduction

Dropping weight is a dream of many people that they want to come true, but in the medical sense, because it may be possible for a fatal disease is to blame. At the very least, if you haven’t started changing your diet or are trying to lift weight and increase your activity level, it’s worth noting.

Wouldn’t it be suspicious though to lose weight without going on a diet or training or including more physical activities in your daily life?
It surely is, and that is something worth noting and examining.

The reports written by the women’s health magazine stated that this symptom of losing weight is way more dangerous than it seems, the real problem is that even if you keep eating normally, you will find yourself losing weight automatically, and that’s something concerning enough to go to the doctor.

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7 . Developing Diabetes

Since all the talk is about this type of cancer, there is a reason behind each symptom of this illness. If a patient was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, they have to know about what problems may afflict them without them even knowing about it. Major clinical studies are saying that nearly 40% of diabetic patients discover pancreatic cancer right after having diabetes for not so long before.

This study came to the conclusion that the pancreas is the most responsible organ for insulin production. Therefore, the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin will definitely manipulate the early stages of the tumor, causing diabetes in the end. That’s why all doctors and clinics are advising people to check on themselves sometimes.

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8 .Feeling cautious to Your Stomach

It’s normal for an organ to feel pain because of illness. Your stomach might hurt only if you hurt it with something, it will not hurt that long also. For a female, being pregnant means automatic stomach pain also.

But if your stomach hurts from nothing then you need to get up and question that!
When the stomach is being pressed, it’s hard to keep the food in and that explains the feeling of nausea that pancreatic cancer patients feel.

#11 Completely Shocked Me!
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9.You Have Pancreatitis

Gallstones blocking the ducts can cause pancreatitis, which in turn may cause pain. But in most cases, the cause of this is not pancreatitis or other major causes or medications, but rather it is associated with pancreatic cancer.
Pancreatitis is mainly caused by the gallstones that block the channel and its pain is unbelievable, but surprisingly, pancreatitis is directly associated with pancreatic cancer, just a slight percentage of patients who got pancreatitis from other cases or from medications.

Reader’s Digest reports that pancreatitis of unknown origin or chronic pancreatitis can be caused by small tumors in the pancreas. Taken together, it is vital to know what lead to it rather than narrowing the diagnosis.

#11 Completely Shocked Me!
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10 . Prolonged flatulence

According to Women’s Health magazine’s article, flatulence is normal. But that being said, without the pregnancy, nothing can get you bloated so much without it being very concerning, nothing you can imagine that you will eat or drink and will make you look swollen in a few days, it indicates that it is a precursor to pancreatic cancer. but dangerous if the mass exceeds the norm.

This confirms that the cancerous tumor grows and causes it to expand. In some cases, it’s rather to get the patient’s attention. It may not be pancreatic cancer, but if you see these changes, you need to find out the cause.

#11 Completely Shocked Me!
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11. blood clots

People that are more endangered of having Blood clots which themselves can inflict huge harm are the unfortunate people with pancreatic cancer?, they’re more likely to develop blood clots, according to health site. they also explained that experts connect the dots of the link between stroke and pancreatic cancer. However, it is possible that it is the cancer cells that regenerate proteins primarily used to prevent blood clots.
But This May Be the result of Dangerous genetic causes for Blood clots, It May be due to another reason such as surgery, etc. But if any of these causes do not match with blood clots, the patient must visit a doctor.

However, it does not always have to be linked to a genetic cause, it can be caused by surgery also for example;e. When these causes are not related by any shape to blood clots, they require a visit to your doctor to do an examination.

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12 . Gallbladder or Liver Enlargement

As with all diseases, there are ones that you can notice on you by yourself and there are ones that you cannot, if you pay your doctor a visit for an examination, it will show that you had a gallbladder enlargement.

It can be seen during the imaging scan as a large lump under the rib cage’s right side. But more threatening, it can also spread to the liver and cause the liver to enlarge also.

#11 Completely Shocked Me!
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13. Abnormal Fatty Tissue

It’s known for pancreatic cancer leads the body to release more enzymes and break more fats, and it’s a noticeable symptom also, the fact that you can see the uneven layers of fat under the patient’s skin, which is called adipose tissue abnormality.

The reason for this unusual tissue is pancreatic enzymes that break down fat. She emphasized that this symptom is very common among pancreatic cancer patients.

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